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RQ-11 Raven US Army Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

RQ-11 Raven US Army Unmanned Aerial VehicleThe RQ-11 Raven is a lightweight unmanned aircraft system (UAS). It is advised for accelerated deployment and top advancement for aggressive and bartering operations. The Raven meets army requirements for low-altitude reconnaissance, surveillance and ambition acquisition. It can be operated manually or programmed for free operation, utilising the system's avant-garde avionics and GPS navigation.

The US Army appropriate live-coverage capability, to accredit the troops to get real-time, abreast and over-the-horizon angle in agitation areas. The army bought four AeroVironment FQM-151 Pointer UAVs in 1999, for aggressive operations in burghal breadth (MOUT) and the ACTD (advanced abstraction technology demonstration) programme.

The Raven allows aggressive units to conduct intelligence, surveillance, and assay (ISR) over crisis zones after committing soldiers. It allows the assignment force to adviser an breadth with a beneath bulging attendance and reside video capabilities during day and night.

Launched in just minutes, by hand, into the air like a archetypal airplane, the Raven acreage itself by auto-piloting to a abreast hover. It does not crave anxiously able landing strips. Acute no busy abutment facilities, the Raven alluringly apparel forward-deployed units. Automated appearance and GPS technology accomplish it simple to operate, acute no specialised abilities or all-embracing flight training.