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Arcturus T-20 Medium Range Tactical UAV

Arcturus T-20 Medium Range Tactical UAVT-20 is a medium range tactical unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system designed and manufactured in the US by Arcturus-UAV for the United States Armed Forces. The system comprises two aerial vehicles, a ground control station (GCS), a portable launcher and a support trailer for payload and personnel.

The vehicle captures real time intelligence data and transmits to the GCS through a line of sight C-band satellite communication datalink. Flying up to a maximum altitude of 15,000ft, the T-20 can provide its operators with real time intelligence data by carrying out surveillance and reconnaissance operations over a large area. The T-20 was produced in two variants which include the T-20R (research variant) and the T-20A (variant with wing pod attachments).

The T-20 is a high wing monoplane design made up of carbon fibre composite materials. It is a runway independent UAV designed to operate on dirt, desert, unprepared, grass and gravel roads. It can execute intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions even in hostile environments.

The 2.8m long and 5.2m wide aerial vehicle was designed to launch from a runway or mobile platforms such as ships through a pneumatic catapult launcher system and can be recovered either by belly landing or by net capturing.