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TH-67 Creek US New Training Helicopter

TH-67 Creek US New Training HelicopterThe Army's TH-67 New Training Helicopter (NTH) is a Bell Model 206B JetRanger III congenital by Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. Its action is to alter absolute Hueys getting acclimated for training Antecedent Access Rotary Addition students. The TH-67 Creek is a avant-garde helicopter acclimated for antecedent access rotary addition training. It replaced the crumbling UH-1H, which had been the Army's acting trainer aback the 1988 retirement of the TH-55 Osage. In the appropriate allocation of pilot training, the OH-58 Kiowa is still the helicopter used. But for antecedent access rotary addition flight instruction, the TH-67 is the aircraft of best for a new bearing of Army aviators.

The New Training Helicopter was a cogent assay conducted in 1992 at Fort Rucker by the TRADOC Assay and Experimentation Command (TEXCOM) Aviation Assay Directorate. The purpose of the NTH assay was to appraise the training capability of 5 applicant bartering helicopters beneath application by the Army for approaching pilot training as compared to the UH-1 version. Distinguishing amid analytical and non-critical requirements and adequate non-critical requirements simplified an Army aircraft procurement. After its assay of comments accustomed from competitors, the Army bargain several requirements including: airspeed from 100 to 90 knots; hover accommodation from 4,000 anxiety body to 2,300 anxiety density; ammunition accommodation from 3-1/2 hours to 2-1/2 hours; and airframe crash-worthy banned from 26-feet-per-second to a absolute accessible to altercation based on architect data. The reductions accustomed added contractors to attempt with proven, absolute helicopters. In fact, one architect abhorred abolishment if the airspeed claim was bargain from 100 to 90 knots.

In March 1993, the US Army ordered the TH-67 Creek adaptation as its new training helicopter to accomplish the Bell UH-1. Based on the achievement of the U.S. Navy's TH-57, the U.S. Army is currently purchasing the Bell TH-67. Providing a awful reliable, student/instructor-friendly, bargain belvedere for primary flight training, it is before all address goals accustomed by the U.S. Army. The TH-67 boasts a aggregate of top training account and assurance with the a lot of all-encompassing appearance of any training helicopter in the world. Unique to the TH-67 is its avant-garde cockpit affectation arrangement installed for the aback bench student. Other appearance cover activity attenuating seats, abounding IMC/VMC chart and able drift shoes for touchdown autorotation training.